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Supports Avalanche, IsatM2M, radio and cellular interfaces.
Meets API 21.1 requirements for content and storage
Allows exporting to Excel and other desktop applications
Generates Flow Calc™ CFX files for settlement purposes
Provides 3rd Party access (ie Producer and Transporter access)
Provides FTP access for export to corporate systems
Email and SMS alarms to mobile devices
Mobile web for iPhone™ and Android™ devices
Supports other production equipment (compressors, tanks, valves, pressures, etc.)
One price includes airtime and unlimited access
Gas measurement history kept for as long as you subscribe
No long term subscription required (everything is month to month)
Easy to use Morning Report generated in real time gives a birds eye view to your gas measurement sites.
Special reports make it flexible for operations.
Data updated within seconds of transmission providing a near real time view.

We customize the site to address specific applications.  As an example, we have customers that do chemical injection, others do well drilling rigs.  Please contact us if you have a unique application.


MeterStar.com is the premier easy to use and open online SCADA solution for oil and gas applications.  Supporting all common gas flow computers with a common interface allows the operator maximum flexibility in addressing his operational requirements.