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Text Box: with Avalanche Satellite communications or a spread spectrum radio with ClearSCADA’s custom EFM object the SolarPack 410 becomes a complete electronic flow measurement system.
AGA-3 1992/2000 orifice plate, V-Cone and AGA-7 turbine meter
AGA-8 1992 (detailed) and NX-19
35 days hourly history, 35 days daily, 700 events, 300 alarms
Modbus RTU or ASCII protocol, on COM2 and COM3
Bluetooth up to 330 ft with another Class 1 device
Integrated Solar controller supports up to 32W Solar Panel
VRLA or AGM battery support
+/- 0.05% P and dP accuracy
Class 1, Div 2, Groups A,B,C, and D

SOLARPack 410

Designed for use in remote locations where solar is the only power and technician access is less than ideal, the SolarPack 410 incorporates a dedicated single run flow computer, solar/battery power supply and communications system within an all-in-one, compact, easy to install package. 

Sensor readings are taken each second, allowing the user to measure any anomalies that may have occurred such as compressor pulsations on the flow line or plunger movement with a well.  With integrated Bluetooth wireless technology the 410 becomes the ultimate in walk-up SCADA, and when used in conjunction