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Text Box: Coupled with a second multivariable transmitter, the 4203 can be used as a two-run gas flow computer and with the
capability to handle bi-directional flow calculations, the 4203 is suitable for injection and storage projects requiring dual AGA/API compliant flow measurements.
AGA-3 1992/2000 orifice plate, V-Cone and AGA-7 turbine meter
AGA-8 1992 (detailed) and NX-19
35 days hourly history, 35 days daily, 700 events, 300 alarms
Modbus with store and forward, Enron Modbus, optional DNP3
Two 0-5 V, 15 bit analog inputs
One 0-20mA, 12 bit analog output
32 bit ARM processor, 4MB RAM, 8MB Flash, 1024 bytes EPROM
P & Dp accuracy +/- 0.05% of span between 10% and 90% of URL
Long term drive less than 0.05% over 5 years
Static Pressure effect 0.004% of URL with 100 psi applied
330 mW full power, 165mW reduce power mode.
-40 to 158F operating range
Class 1, Div 1, Groups B,C and D
Class 1, Div 2, Groups A, B, C and D
Compatible with Avalanche and MeterStar.com

SCADAPack 4203

The SCADAPack 4203 is a highly integrated gas flow computer incorporating a multivariable sensor and a complete PLC. The product is compatible with SCADAPack applications programs as well as industry standard programming environments including IEC 61131-3.