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Text Box: 2 to 24 times per day, data  can be easily accessed with MeterStar.com or you can receive the data to your host.
Open architecture supports most 3rd party equipment
Delivers data via Internet or VPN networks
Supports SMTP and more efficient UDP data transport
API 21.1 Gas Measurement (with user supplied GFC)
Data Logging (polling user supplied PLC/RTU at any interval)
Modbus RTU, Enron Modbus,  and ROC protocol support
Pollable or very low power modes available
Less than 0.5 Watt average power required in low power mode


Avalanche is the premier satellite solution offering an open platform supporting all major gas flow computers. When combined with the online www.MeterStar.com web page the user has a truly turn key solution to gas measurement.


Avalanche understand API 21.1 requirements and polls the gas flow computer for current parameters, configuration, alarms, evens, the last 24 hours of hourly data and the previous flow days data. Reporting this information