Here are just a few of the services offered by Crystalline Technology


If you have a communications problem, we can solve it for you.  We are experienced in Satellite, Cellular, Radio Packet Data, Spread Spectrum, 2-Way Radio, Trunking, MAS, and more...


We can provide power to your remote equipment using a variety of technologies from Solar, to Thermal Electric, Turbines, and even Hydrogen Fuel Cells.

Remote Power

Crystalline Technology built the first WEB-Based SCADA system from the ground up in 1995.  Our MeterStar and WellAutomation systems can do everything from simple monitoring to full control.

Online SCADA

Developing plug-and-play solutions is one of our greatest abilities.  We develop solutions that work out of the box.  This minimizes the resources needed during deployment.

Turn-Key Solutions

Your M2M Data... Simplified

Crystalline Technology LLC


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